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Julia Gillard: ‘I don’t know how she finds the courage to get out of bed in the morning.’ June 26, 2013

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Last weekend I had a conversation with my sister, who said something that jolted me out of my despondency about what’s been happening to our Prime Minister all this time, but especially during this last week or so. My sister is a high-profile woman herself. ‘I don’t know how she finds the courage to get out of bed in the morning,’ she said.

It was a riveting remark. My sister is a person of great courage, focus and dedication herself, so this remark of hers amounted to the highest praise.

I believe that Australia is facing the most urgent threat it has ever faced, bar none. At the risk of seeming strident and hysterical, let me say, quite bluntly, that our precious democracy has been compromised to the point where we are voters no longer, but numbers – ‘manipulees’. We’re comfortable and complacent – our heads are in the sand, and…

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3 Responses to “Julia Gillard: ‘I don’t know how she finds the courage to get out of bed in the morning.’”

  1. Good article. Well, she will be able to stay in bed a bit longer now that she has been replaced by K.Rudd. She made a remarkable difference. Her reform on education and the disability support will be remembered. Perhaps we are not ready yet for a female PM. I am pissed off no end. However, An Abbott in power is a much worse option.

    • It’s still very much a boy’s club planet. What really irked me was the mass hysteria generated by the mass media and the level of vitriol spewing from the mouths of the likes of Mr Rabbit et al – who is strangely silent right now. Funny that! Well bullies do seem to pick on people they perceive to be inferior to their fine selves don’t they? I don’t even agree with a lot of Julia’s policies and legislation, she a bit too far right for my liking but like I said the tempo of nastiness and hysteria in the community was truly astounding and quite honestly heartbreaking. What a bunch of sexist yobs we still are 😦

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