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Child Poverty in New Zealand June 25, 2013

Child Poverty in New Zealand

You could substitute the word “New Zealand” for “Australia” or just about any country and the story would be the same worldwide I’m guessing. The people are hurting and it wont be long now. You can feel the tension rising.

Have a read…..

“At the time the government imposed economic and social policies that radically increased the levels of unemployment and the number of people forced to live off a benefit – unemployment, sickness, or sole parent. The goal was to break the power of the trade unions and increase competition among working people for the jobs available – thereby forcing down real wages.

The “theory” they went by was that once they had succeeded in increasing “competitiveness” of New Zealand capitalism by lowering its costs in relation to other countries then the economy would begin to grow strongly.”


* Please note – it’s come to my attention some people don’t realise the pink writing is a link and my words above are simply a comment on the story.


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