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Parenting Payments NOT Newstart June 18, 2013

Parenting Payments NOT Newstart

Here is a Facebook page that is truly painful to witness. If ever we needed evidence that something is truly very wrong with the policies being passed lately and that our people are hurting – here it is. Have a read, I dare you. It’s pretty depressing futile stuff though.

I don’t know if it’ll do any good but I have Twittered it to Julia’s Twitter account. She probably wont even see it but geez I hope she does. 

No-one gains by cutting welfare payments, have a look at all the shops that are closing down and don’t tell me that it’s all from internet stores taking money out of the retail sector. Believe it or not there are still people out there who don’t have a computer and are not likely to ever have one. If there are no shops and no employee’s there’ll be less tax being paid, it’s not brain surgery. Hasn’t there been a tax shortfall this year? The worst thing that ever happened was the stifling of the mining tax. Those minerals are an Australian resource, it should be plowed back into the Australian community and not some filthy fat squillionare’s pocket (take your pick we have male and female versions).

Why does the present government follow through with inhumane policies instigated by their predecessors? Take our industrial relations laws for instance, we still have contracts, a lessening of penalty rates, no job security and working poor.

We see it time and time again. Then they have the absolute gall to get up in what is supposedly a dignified institution called “Parliament” like a bunch of sledging sportsmen or squabbling kids in the playground to argue the toss about who did what and when, pointing fingers at each other knowing damn well what the score is and who did what and when.

That’s how I came to believe that neither parties are actually who they say they are anymore and are merely puppets. It’s evidence that they don’t represent the masses (us), they represent the privileged elite. 

Why instead of taking money from the vulnerable do they not take it from those who are well off?

It’s good policy to look after the people, it has a flow on effect.

Reinstate the Parenting Payment or better still raise Newstart above the poverty line or perhaps you want a return to conditions before the industrial revolution and build some poor houses for those pesky folk – keep ’em off the streets eh? No one can afford to pay rent AND eat now, let alone pay power bills. Don’t whinge about the crime rate going up because people have to steal or sell their bodies to feed their families either. People are saying these very things on this Facebook page – anecdotal and anonymous but very real and believable.

Come on Julia prove your balls are bigger and tougher and ditch the IMF cartel overlords.

Gee I got on my high horse there didn’t I? It just pisses me off, we are capable of so much better.

New Zealand and then Australia were the first countries in the world to give women the vote and begin to pay the Child Endownment as it was then called. The effect it had on our society and economy was beneficial, we prospered. 


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