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Gender on the Agenda June 16, 2013

Gender on the Agenda

Yes, It’s certainly time to put gender on the agenda.

Did we have to have a female Prime Minister to highlight and bring to mind these horrible discrepancies in our societal attitudes?

No wonder there’s a glass ceiling for women, who wants to put their hand up for this kind of abuse? 

A very strong and dedicated woman, that’s who.

Why is it considered so cool to be nasty these days?

I was brought up in an era where we were all encouraged to bringing out the best in ourselves and others. 

It makes better sense to live in a functional society than dis-functional surely?

Sure there were the usual deviance’s and deviates and there always will be but the ratio has really tilted way too far over into the negative.

We’re becoming more unbalanced and de-evolution looks like a reality.

Is this is what’s at the root of all the ism’s?

Yeah it’s a tough ol’ world at times but in many ways things have never been so good, so why be so unkind?

I get it that each generation that comes along needs something to differentiate itself from the previous. We seem to need to out-shock each other and who hasn’t taken a small amount of secret glee thinking you’re way cooler than your mum or dad as you grow up but one day you’re going to be on the other end of the stick (and then you become humble). 

This seems to have flowed over into so many aspects of our lives – movies, music, television and internet. Art imitates life they say but it also seems to have a certain amount of validation effect.

If a child is growing up watching music videos of scantily clad girls being led around with dog collars and it becomes normal and kind of funny to refer to women or girls as ho’s. (Thanks America). There’s an undercurrent of gross disrespect going on there.

Isn’t what we see out in the world kind of like our thoughts within?

What we think – we become or are?



7 Responses to “Gender on the Agenda”

  1. Jeff Nguyen Says:

    On behalf of many Americans, my apologies for the misogyny we’ve exported to your country. It’s pretty embarrassing what others must think of us.

    • Oh Jeff it’s pretty much a worldwide human trait. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to pick on American’s per se. I was using a certain type of stereotypical music video as an example, you know the porny kind of ones that are far from empowering to little girls or boys. Once there were limits and standards to what you could see on televsion. Now we see dead people on the news. I think “America the corporation” is actually far crueler to “America – the real people” in so many ways. When I say thanks America I mean the arseholes who are making a dollar out of the exploitation and ritual subjugation of women and then making it seem somehow fashionable to the masses by marketing it to your youth. Once in Australia there had to be a certain amount of homegrown content on TV and the Radio, that seems to have gone by the way now. The term “Media” now just feels like an allegory for “Propaganda Machine” to brainwash the populace.

      • Jeff Nguyen Says:

        No apologies needed, its bad enough we’re dropping bombs on countries across the globe but to add insult to injury, our entertainment industries put out the garbage you mentioned. You’re correct that the majority of Americans do not condone or support this type of entertainment but I feel that I am complicit if I do not at least say something. Hip hop, like punk and rock n’ roll, have been effectively co-opted by the music corporations to maximize profits and minimize the political messages that the early rappers were bringing to the masses. Madison Avenue knows that sex sells so now we have a barrage of media that belittles and stereotypes women and girls.

        Thanks for the awareness you bring, as always. I have a feeling my daughter is going to be a feminist like her mother. 🙂

  2. Yes, it seems that all the ‘workshops’, all the ‘management’ all the ‘self awareness’ all the ‘insight’ has been in vain.
    It’s almost like a virus has swooped down on the male world in Australia and awakened a dormant misogyny gene that is now running amok.

    • The weird thing about this and what is disturbing me is the amount of misogyny perpetuated by women too. It must be a human trait just barely lurking beneath the surface. In stressful times people sink to the lowest denominator maybe? For every negative there is a positive, is this like a festering boil of human attitude that must swell before it pops and heals?

  3. tubularsock Says:

    Wow. I’m not sure of the specifics that you are referencing about this video but I get the idea. This type of behavior is not new and will always be present in the society. And as long as it is between consenting adults I don’t much care. Even if this video is being run in the main stream it is far better than hiding it.

    I think it’s a good thing. The American puritan-Calvinist thought pattern of punishing and condemning has never done anything more than to make this type of behavior look edgy, exiting and “wrong” and thereby so much more appealing.

    Self respect is an “inside job” and really can only be taught by example. A man or a woman who lacks it will follow any video or advertisement that points to a direction to change themselves over so as to be cool and accepted. Some people need to stick their hand into the fire and get burned several times to get the concept and other people get the concept without ever sticking their hand in the fire. And some people like the feeling of the burn. To each their own.

    “Acting out” in this type of video, that I believe you are referencing, will stimulate debate. Putting it in the closet only makes it look better than it is and that is not the best way to proceed.

    There is nothing new about dominance over other. In fact that is what we continually do in our sports events, our beauty pageants, our political theater, our foreign policy and so on. In all countries throughout the world. The respect-of-self has to be fostered by the culture and showing the contrast only helps to define the concept.

    Having a political figure set a tone and leadership for self respect does not depend on gender. It depends on enlightenment. Margret Thatcher was a women but what a poor example of enlightenment. In fact piss poor! And Obummer is a man but a rotten example of leadership and self respect. That boy has sold out even on being Black!

    In the idealism of the ’60’s progressives were continuing saying, if we only had Blacks and women in power thing would be better ………. what they missed in that idealism is that race and gender doesn’t really matter. Assholes come in all colors and all sexes.
    Condalisa Rice covered both and the best you can say of her was she was a self-serving bitch.

    What is needed is leadership from the heart and someone that not only talks the talk but lives the talk ……… it’s the only way!

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