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My Two Cents June 9, 2013

Sad to see Australian misogyny still in force and even sadder still to witness many women (but not all) here behaving as ignorant media brainwashed accomplices to the misogyny. Julia (or indeed any woman who dares to take office) has copped a bad rap.

I am personally more scared of what Tony Abbott will inflict upon us should he ever get into power. If I was religious, I’d pray this never actually happens.

Australian politics has passed it’s use by date. The party system has been corrupted and what stands for government now is actually fascism, now a growing worldwide phenomenon.

Mr Abbott will push us over the brink.

Life will become dis-proportionally more difficult than ever. Australia will experience what the rest of the world is already experiencing at the hands of the Rothchild/Bilderberger oligarchs and we will have a revolution and hopefully eradicate the hidden hand that rocks the cradle.

Along with military dominance, controlling the world’s money is crucial for with it comes absolute control as the powerful 19th century Rothschild family understood. As the patriarch Amschel Rothschild once said: “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.”


Sane unbiased un-bought folk will be forming an alternate system behind the scenes now as we speak, to take over the everyday functioning of this beautiful country. That is my wish, my dream…….


9 Responses to “My Two Cents”

  1. I think you are right. There is change coming. It is in the air. Forget about the Abbotts of this world.

  2. Jeff Nguyen Says:

    It’s sad to hear that Australia may be going down the same rabbit holes as the U.S. May your dreams for a better world become the reality for your land as well as mine.

  3. tubularsock Says:

    I’m not so sure that its a good idea to dream that, “Sane unbiased un-bought folk will be forming an alternate system behind the scenes . . .” in Australia. The people who own the power do not part with it so if you want this to happen you’ll have to do a lot more than “wish”! Look where “hope” has taken the U.S., I shudder to think where we would be on “wish”!

    The only way to break this kind of power is armed revolution and that tends to be so messy and there is always a disconnect between the dream goal and the end reality.

    So the only thing to do is to keep low and keep your powder dry. And never give up. It worked well for the Vietcong!

    • Everyone is fed up with the media circus monkeys, who are fed their peanuts by ‘surprise surprise’ our lurking overlords to present this ‘story’ and disrupt the actual running of this country and rule by defacto by the chaos they create. Proving that it is their ego and power lust that motivates them and not the betterment of all. It’s bringing us undone and I believe eventually they will bring themselves undone.
      It will be a peaceful revolution. No need for arms. History tells us civilisations come and go, sometimes mother nature or universal law has a hand in this, sometimes it’s an orgy of bloodlust and war. The violent ones usually solve the problem by wiping each other out. (eventually). One way or another it will resolve and so yes take a leaf out of the Vietcong or the marsupials versus dinosaur’s book – lay low and be prepared.
      This will be a worldwide cleansing. If we can’t sort it out, life on Earth will go on regardless.
      What you interpret as wishy washy wishful thinking and hoping, to me is creative visualisation. If I can conceive of it then surely others can?

      • tubularsock Says:

        There is a very huge gap between conceiving and implementing. And we are dealing with humanity here after all. And the history of the goodness of humanity doesn’t shine too brightly in regards to power over others.

        Now I’m with you on the concept and shit does happen when mother nature acts out.
        I am even willing to bring the natural-organic-soap for the worldwide cleansing. But one persons “cleansing” is another person holocaust and I don’t know about you but I have little faith that homosapiens know the difference!

        But you may travel in a higher order than I so I am willing to be surprised. In truth, I really hope I’m incorrect. (but I’m to cynical to believe I am)

  4. Yeah I know, I’m tripping eh?
    I’m trying to believe that – we are what we think….and I’m trying to think us into goodness….and be less cynical than I already am.
    You have to practice positivity….negativity just seems to come natural.
    Homosapiens can be evil/ignorant slobs and wonderfully empathetic soulful beings….what are going to do?

    • tubularsock Says:

      No I don’t think you are tripping …….. I agree with working toward the light. All I wish to covey is that the odds are heavily stacked against one who proceeds down that path.

      Perception may be in the mind of the beholder but don’t step in front of the bus!

      That’s all. Peace to you and keep doing it your way. All contributions in the direction of the light are necessary! I’ll send you some batteries.

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