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HURRY! April 24, 2013


Why do you hurry so?

Is it somewhere special you need to go?

Is it worth your life or another’s?

Your sister – your brother’s?

Why so fast?

Are you scared of being last?

Have you seen the mangled blood stained wreck

On the the nightly news?

Why over-take?

When just up the road turn off

Are those few seconds so precious?

That you cannot wait

To sit behind is a fate

Worse than death!

For those that must hurry

And scurry

And kill

And maim

In the rain

Speed limit?

Pfffft you say

I’m on my way and

I’m much more important

Than you


6 Responses to “HURRY!”

  1. Khadine Says:

    Great poem Sandra

    • Thanks Khadine, just something that popped out one morning when I was awake early. I do think about why people need to drive so fast (nearly everytime I’m on the road)

  2. tiffany267 Says:

    THIS. So THIS.

  3. Make drivers of cars share the roads with pedestrian in cities and towns. It already works in some places and makes for a more tolerant society.
    Great poetry.

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