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Martial Law April 20, 2013

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Martial Law

Relevant and timely, food for thought folks.

Jessica Murray is good.


2 Responses to “Martial Law”

  1. Jeff Nguyen Says:

    Jessica makes a good point that showing the images of the bombing and chaos and the police manhunt leaves scars on the psyche. Trauma helps to bond the captives to their captors. These events are disturbing on so many levels.

  2. A climate of fear is being formed.
    I reblogged something about fear as an acronym, it says;
    1. Forget Everything And Run
    2. Face Everything And Rise
    Terrorism is almost always state sponsored (who else has resources).
    Who stands to benefit?
    You’ve got to ask yourself a few questions about “Terrorism”
    Notice how many laws (and wars) have been enacted to take away citizen’s rights since 9/11?
    Jessica quotes Dune “Fear is the mind killer”.
    People living in a constant state of fear are easier to manipulate and legislate.

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