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Happy Blog Anniversary to me! April 19, 2013

Well it’s been a year of blogging for me.

Lots has happened in that year, let me tell you.

So grateful for all of you who follow and comment, I never expected the wonderful responses I’ve gotten. Quite humbling really and such a great way to be in touch with so many different walks of life out there in the bloggoverse. You’ve all expanded me greatly.

I thought I’d found the love of my life, my musical muse, my happy camper, my best friend – gone now.

It turned out I was not the love of his and have suffered greatly at the realisation of this – still do.

Still learning and growing and totally in awe of life as it is sometimes.

The raw beauty of the landscapes around me never cease to thrill.

As does the orange icon on the wordpress task bar!

So my life is a balance of indoor and outdoor pursuits.

I have welcomed two new members to my household. A new kitty – her name is “Missy” (short for MIss Kitty) and an old puppy who’s name is “Willy”.

They are a constant source of pleasure and amazement and very good company indeed.

Loyalty comes quite naturally to them and they’ve taken quite a shine to each other as well, which is very cute.

Fifty odd followers in one year, that averages at one per week! Not bad considering I don’t know what the heck I’m doing blogwise. Still learning to blog and all that it entails but I do love having this creative word outlet to express myself. Up till this point has mainly been about social commentary on the stories I come across. Now it’s time to begin to write my own and I look forward to another great year of growth and learning. 

Thanks again everyone for the ‘follows’ and the ‘likes’ – I am honoured and treasure you all.Image



4 Responses to “Happy Blog Anniversary to me!”

  1. Jeff Nguyen Says:

    Congrats! I’m looking forward to reading your commentaries. Every voice is needed.

  2. Skeggjold Says:


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