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The Gillard backlash says more about her detractors March 26, 2013

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The Gillard backlash says more about her detractors

I have just read an article at “The Sydney Morning Herald” by Marilyn Lake and I agree with her, it is time to chuck out the old men of the Labour Party and possibly a couple of young ones (in my opinion). It’s so refreshing to read such an insightful and positive article for a change. 

Why is a woman being in power so very threatening?

The mainstream media and Liberal politicians have been behaving like a bunch of howling trolls in regards to this. It’s not only Julia Gillard who has borne the brunt of the hysterical misogyny as Marilyn has pointed out in her article, Margaret Thatcher also had to contend with these kind of insults. It would be very interesting to interview other female leaders from around the world for their insights and how they cope with these rubbishy attitudes. 

The thing that gets me is how other women also jump on board the nasty train.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and Julia is doing a tough job and not always getting it right but hey that’s not the exclusive territory of a female in power. Plenty of mistakes and cock-ups have been made in politics everywhere, women are relative newcomers in this particular arena.

I personally think it’s time to wipe the slate clean and begin again. Throw out or amend the party system to a more egalitarian mode of taking turns to be leader and make politicians more accountable and transparent in who they deal with and are allied to. The ‘numbers’ thing is so open to rorting and hidden agendas.

Anyway read the article and let me know what you think.


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