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And now for something completely different! March 19, 2013

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And now for something completely different!

Let me introduce Miss Chookie!
She is not mine, she chooses to come visit me just about every day.
This particular day she came close enough to peck at my toe that was peeking through a hole in my sock, then fluffed herself up and sat in the dirt for a wee snooze whilst I serenaded her with my guitar on the front porch 🙂
Do you think she might come because of the music or just some company?
I have known her since she was a wee chicky and she used to come with her ma and aunty chook and sister. Now there is only Miss Chookie left, I really hope they are safe back in the chookyard and not fox chow.
I’m growing very fond of Miss Chookie and miss her on the days she doesn’t pop in.
So I looked up what a chicken visitor might mean. Here’s a couple of links and it’s eerily true;




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