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February 17, 2013

I follow the ContemporaryShaman on Facebook but this post particularly spoke to me today and so I share it with you my fellow bloggers!

Contemporary Shaman


Throughout the history of shamanism across the world it is often found that those that walked this pathway whether by lineage or rite of passage tended to walk alone and were often found on the fringe of the communities only being seen when needed.

They may well have enjoyed the company of beloveds and lovers along the way however in general the lifestyle was mostly that of a lone wolf and those that were intimate with them knew this and accepted this.  Much like witches (wise people) they were not always seen as an active social member of the community but they were the most respected for their guidance when imbalances or challenges within the community arose.

Today we live in different times. That’s not to say in some countries like America, Mongolia, Siberia, Africa, South America, Australia and parts of Asia, this does not still occur but it’s becoming…

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