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Save the Orangutan – Say No to Palm Oil February 9, 2013

Save the Orangutan – Say No to Palm Oil

Did you know that Palm oil is in everything from your favourite chocolate bar, biscuits, chips and crackers to shampoo and moisturiser?

It’s bad for your health and it’s going to be responsible for the extinction of the Orangutan and many other creatures of the forest. 

I’m beginning to think of supermarkets as places of death. They sell products that make us sick and are destroying our planet with the industrial farming methods used to produce seemingly natural products.

It’s all in the name of the almighty dollar. Groceries is big business now. Packaged and processed foods are expensive, health-wise and in a monetary sense.

When I was a child my mother could buy a weeks groceries for three adults and four kids for $20. That was probably a time when a modest profit was the norm in business dealings. When things were sold for closer to their true value. Unlike today when manufacturers and retailers sell at a price the market will bear and not its true value at all.

There are a lot of us on the planet now and we all need to eat and clean, so I guess it’s not reasonable to expect everyone to have a garden. We as a society need to put pressure on the people who are manufacturing and providing our groceries and products to be more ethical.

In your own way you can research what you consume, have a small garden (even if its just in pots on your balcony) and be at least willing to have a look at alternative cleaning products and methods.

If you feel strongly enough you could write letters to manufacturers and supermarkets asking if and why they use Palm Oil.

The time has come for us all to take on a bit of responsibility for the state of things as they now are. We can put pressure on and vote with our feet (and stomachs) and not buy this stuff. If we have the will to that is. A little bit at a time and it will add up eventually to make enough of an impact on buyers and sellers to want to change their ways.

I’m going to have to do some serious research into who’s making chocolate that doesn’t have Palm Oil in it now.




One Response to “Save the Orangutan – Say No to Palm Oil”

  1. I’m sorry there is a photo of an injured Orangutan in this link and is very confronting and horrible but this is what’s happening every day as they clear the forests and burn the debris to make way for Palm Oil plantations

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