Social Commentary, Activism, Humanism

Equality – Why are people so confused about this concept? February 2, 2013

I think it’s hilarious how some people think equality means to be like or equal to a man. Its equal RIGHTS. It’s all any woman wants. The right to go about her day unmolested and perfectly at ease in a world that is equally hers. To do and achieve as much as she is capable of. Not held back or despised merely because of her sex. We are all humans, all beautiful and all faulty. Appreciate the differences and similarities between the sexes. Society can be just as unkind to men as it is to women. WE are society, we all have a sense of what is right and wrong, fair and unfair. Women can quite often be more unkind to other women and is generally bitchy-ness fuelled by a sense of competition. No-one wins in a battle of the sexes. Divide and rule. It’s only the males who are insecure in their own male-ness who are threatened by the concept of a strong woman. So terrified of their own inner feminine aspects they live their lives in constant knee-jerk responses in an attempt to reassure themselves of their male superiority and macho qualities as a divine right. When in reality, they are only robbing themselves of a life of deep honesty and inner integrity. Society and indeed the planet suffers from individuals and their need to control the environment and women’s bodies. It’s more about the unequal distribution of power. We have a mind that knows better yet it’s shunned to preserve the status quo of the ones who believe they have the power to control our lives and destinies. If more people just stopped and had a bit of a think about things and questioned their own programming we might enter into a more enlightened and fair state of being. Misogyny and misandry seem to be the acceptable norm in everyday comments and attitudes. It’s not working and not beneficial to anyone, so why do we perpetuate this kind of behaviour?


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