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CFMEU Calls for a freeze on temporary work visas January 19, 2013

CFMEU Calls for a freeze on temporary work visas

An interesting article at news.com.au written by Steve Lewis, National Political Correspondent, exploring and calling for a halt on temporary work visas.

I believe this is a rort and another reason for growing unemployment in Australia and indeed the rest of the world, as outsourcing and temporary visas seems to be the trend in all western economies now.

Capitalism was built on the back of slavery and it still continues in more or less subtle forms. We get to live off the plantation these days but we are still not free.

To virtually enslave the vulnerable in less better off places is heinous in my opinion. So the wealthy can become even wealthier? What ever happened to having a social conscience?

The major international resort company I used to work for made all of the people I worked with ‘redundant’ and then proceeded to bring in people to do our jobs on temporary work visas on minimal pay and worked them so hard they were found sleeping on the floor in some cases.

We were all on casual rates and easy to get rid of.

Some of us had been there for many years.

We were powerless to stop it. 

The union couldn’t, the Industrial Relations and Ombudsman wouldn’t and the local member just wasn’t even interested to speak to me (we live in a Liberal seat).

So sad to see greedy employers profiting at the cost local jobs and community.

This is like a snowball gaining so much momentum that even businesses who’d perhaps prefer not to do this kind of thing, now feel they have to remain in business and be competitive.

The buck has to stop somewhere surely?














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