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Under-employed numbers are on the rise too masking unemployment figures January 18, 2013

Under-employed numbers are on the rise too masking unemployment figures

It is my opinion that if we were to get rid of or neutralise a semi bogus industry that hands out ‘certificates’. For example RSA and RSG where you go pay the money, sit for hours fill in the ‘test’ at the end of it and if you don’t get it right they ‘help,’ so everyone gets the certificate which is really just a paid lip service and does nothing to solve far bigger issues like, domestic and street violence, public nuisance and over intoxication of patrons.

By giving business tax breaks for training staff, there will be no skill shortage and those who work part time will be doing it purely out of their own choice to. Unemployment figures would surely drop and the bulk of workers in lower skilled industries would not have to pay for the privilege to get a job.

That system ensures a deep underclass level of poor and under employed, as we have.

Take a look at history.

Back in times of little unemployment businesses trained their employees.

Now even low skilled industries are requiring the paid certification of their workers.

I am all for education but I do feel that so many people could be in work if they got their training on the job. Not everyone is capable of or have the resources to be able to undertake university studies and even a degree will not ensure you of a job these days.

As of this year it will cost thousands of dollars to get a TAFE certificate in, for example Community Services, thanks to the current N.S.W. Premier Barry O’Farrell.

Centrelink and related job agencies are no longer keen to help with the cost of these either.


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