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Equal? January 14, 2013


An extensive and interesting article seen in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning written by Anne Summers.

Why are women still treated as something less and not quite as good as men?

Why is women’s work is not valued as much as men’s ?

Why does a bloke leaning on a shovel on the side of the road having the interminable smoko breaks, get paid more than say a room attendant in a resort?

It’s not even about money is it? Those men get paid to loaf around, the cleaning women get bullied into slogging it out with not even a ten minute break or a cup of tea. Just an anecdotal example but you get my drift?

It’s about power isn’t it? Here’s that word Kyriarchy again. Check out my other post’s, there’s one here on ‘Kyriarchy’, if you don’t know what that is (I didn’t till recent years).

The bloke cleaning alongside the women gets paid the same but doesn’t even get the ten minute break or cup of tea break either and the woman holding the stop and go signs on the roadside gets paid equally and sits down with the boys for smoko in a relaxed manner.

The cleaning man gets promoted to choicer jobs within the resort, the woman I still see years on, holding the stop and go signs – no promotion for her.


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