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Single Parents lose pension card – devastating! January 13, 2013

Single Parents lose pension card – devastating!

I find it absolutely devastating that Julia Gillard is at the helm of a government that is capable of such evil. To not only cut the benefit in real dollar terms and thrust parents out into a largely non existent work-force but to take away the pension card and penalise a parent this is way is akin to abuse. Wont this affect the economy also by there being less money spent in the community? Can’t you balance the budget in a way that taxes those who can afford it? How many more families will be out on the street now because they can’t afford to eat because the rent is so high and the only way they eat is to work part time. If they be so lucky as to have a job, that is. How are they going to get to that job, to buy the food, to feed their children?

The true measure of a society is how it treats it’s vulnerable.

Having a healthy society now prepares us for a future healthy society, no wonder the world is going to wreck and ruin.

Labour Party you have truly lost your way and will not be getting any votes from me and I have voted for you all my life.

Is anyone protesting in the streets about this??


7 Responses to “Single Parents lose pension card – devastating!”

  1. Tammy Says:

    this story was a bit of beat up by the Sunday papers. Single parents entitled to Newstart retain the card! Only those working full or part time and eaning over $1400 a fortnight will lose the card and benefits.

    • ahh nothing like a good old media scare campaign (I fell for it damnit).
      I thought it was very strange and un-labouresque.
      Thanks for the heads up Tammy

    • Well, I think that’s nearly always true, papers beat up just about anything that gives them a free kick on politicians, used car salespeople, colourful racing identities, parking police,taser cops, bikies, bludgers, tax dodgers, scammers and those who aspire to fame.

      But the withdrawal of concession cards WAS a stuff up by the Department of Human Services that embarrassed the minister, who in a very gentlemanly way failed to kick the public servants involved in their puny heads. A sensible bloke – seeing that he will still depend on these drop kicks to implement actual policy – if any ever shows up.

  2. So much of Centrelink is computer generated too. Why is there no human monitoring what the computers send out? Or if there is he/she is severely falling down on the job. There seems to be no accountability what so ever from their end. Yet if you unwittingly get over paid or fail to turn up at an appointment and you are swiftly dealt with and your payment is stopped, delayed or taken back with little or no consultation. Rent is so high and food and petrol too, it’s a very real struggle for people who are dependant on welfare.
    Scandinavian countries are taxed higher and have ample welfare for their citizens – their economy and society is healthy. Those welfare dollars are spent within the community. A great example of a government effectively subsidising their own.

  3. Why are the seats at centrelink offices away from the offices and people action? Those waiting for their turn are now forced facing a blank wall with the TV invariably giving blank boring commercial programs.
    By the time a ‘client’ gets to the interview some have lost the will to go on.
    Perhaps that’s the whole idea of it all. Demoralizing. The whole atmosphere at those places is so ‘down’, why is that?

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