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Send a firm message to your government! January 13, 2013

Send a firm message to your government!

An Important Petition.

Send a firm clear message to your government!

They need reminding, it is we the people who pay the taxes and vote and we do have a say.

We say no more enabling bloodshed.

We say people at home need Healthcare, Housing and Welfare – ignore us at your peril !

Nourished, housed, healthy people build positive societies and sustainable economies. 

America has supported Israel financially for far too long; they have a blossoming economy and are fully capable of paying their own bills. Furthermore – American taxpayers should not be footing the bill for Israel when we are already having to make difficult decisions about important programs like Medicare, Social Security, Education etc. America does not give money to any of its other strategic allies – Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc and Israel should be no different.


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