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January 12, 2013

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More very interesting insights about state debt. It confirms a suspicion that we are simply cattle and chattel of whichever government that presides over us. Is it time we as citizens take matters into our own hands and begin to at least discuss what we can do about this. Iceland has said, “No, to a debt that is not ours” and we can too. We just need to begin the dialog.

Red Barcelona

Debt is a curious concept. While it remains a taboo word in some countries like Germany, who suffered in the 20s and 30s of hyperinflation caused by the First World War debt repayments, and still remain subconsciously traumatised by it,  it is a way of life in other countries like the US, where from your time in college onwards being in debt is the norm. So whist the first strive to never be in debt or at least the less time possible, the latter strive to achieve it, not as an end result, but as a mean to achieve the lifestyle they seek. But in this post I will not discuss personal/individual debt, since it is somehow culturally entrenched, even though banks help with that, but to national debt, the debt by states.

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