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September 5, 2012

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Isn’t it funny how rich people believe they are entitled to be even more wealthy than they already are at the extreme cost of others not so fortunate? Why is it okay to lessen the quality of life in Australia and rationalise and berate the workers of Australia by comparing the low pay and suffering of people in other countries. It’s not fair to them or us. African miners and other low paid workers in other countries would surely deserve to be paid their worth and raise their own standard of living and therefore lessen the suffering of so many but the wealthy need to have even more cash than they already do…..why??. That’s my two cents worth.

Decentralise Australia


Gina Rinehart will be the first head on the chopping block -average Australians will pay heaps to be the one to wield the axe.

From the continent that brings us war, apartheid and slavery, corrupt governments and famine, we have the $2 a day “African” miner – which African, we don’t know.

AU$2 is equivalent to about 17 Rand in South Africa itself. About 10 Rand buys 2L of milk, A leg of Lamb is about 90R, a package of mince around 25R. A decent pair of shoes, R300-600.

Whether Rinehart is investing in these $2 a day workers or not, for them to be used as a comparison to justify Australian jobs going overseas and imported labour just goes to show how far extreme capitalism is not just hurting Australia but the world. Archaic legislation permits Rinehart to rape the finite resources in the ground that ALL Australians…

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